The detection of pulsars is one the most challanging and rewarding activity for an amateur radio station .

The successfull achievement of this goal involves all possible aspect of amateure radio pushing all details to the limit and helping, therefore, to have state of the art set-up !

I was infected form the "pulsars virus" many years ago during my early university study when I had the honor to meet with Prof. Gianfranco Sinigaglia ( I4BBE ) one of the fathers of Italian Radio Astronomy and one of the designers of the radiotelescope " Croce del Nord" that is still in operation in Medicina ( Bologna ).

Only recently ( February 2017 ) I was able to achieve this exciting result and this happened thanks to EME ( Earth Moon Earth ) activity that allowed to fine tune all my equipment and to meet other people of the EME WW community that helped a lot with their guidance,  suggestions and inspiration. 

A small "Pulsar Working Group" with Andrea IW5BHY,  Nando I1NDP and  Hannes OE5JFL  was also established to exchange experiences and information.

Andrea IW5BHY was instrumental to open the door for Pulsars detection as he wrote the basic blocks of software that allowed the use of the professional package PRESTO ( ) .

He also created a fully automatic permanent observatory of B0329+54  publishing on his site daily data in real time  !


  ------> Click here to download paper with details on Pulsars receiving techniques


This the list of Pulsars detected :

 PULSARS detected details 26 10 2018



Here are details on set-up used :

 PULSARS detected set up 26 10 2018




B0329+54 DETECTION @ 1297 Mhz





 B0329+54 DETECTION @ 409 Mhz





B1642-03 DETECTION @ 1303 Mhz



 B1933+16 DETECTION @ 1303 Mhz




B1929+10 DETECTION @ 1303 Mhz



 B2020+28 DETECTION @ 1303 Mhz


B0950+08 DETECTION @ 1330 Mhz



 B2016+28 DETECTION @ 1303 Mhz