Last update  : 23 October 2021

Updated version of  Murmur to 15.1.0 with new features,  bug fixes and latest ATNF catalogue ( 1.65 ).


My Name is Mario Armando Natali and I am located in central Italy in the town of Assisi. ( JN63HB )

I am an active ham radio operator since 1970 when I got my license; at very beginning I was an avid HF operator, but gradually my interest shifted to weak signals.

Starting in year 2008 I focused on EME  ( Earth Moon Earth )   and I made first EME contacts in 144 Mhz in 2010.

Recently I was able to install a 5 meters dish antenna and I moved to 1290 Mhz EME.

The EME activity, the partecipation to the periodic EME conference ( next one in Praha in August 2022 .... hopefully ! ) and the help of many EME friends World Wide allowed a good tuning of all components of my station and so I decided to try some experiment in Radio Astronomy focusing on Pulsars detection . 

Needless to say meeting with Joe, K1JT had a great influence on this !

In this web site you can find information on my activity, some of the presentations I delivered and the softwares devolopped.

Hope to see you on the Moon !