144 Mhz activity

EME Activity started in 2 meters around 2008 and the first QSO was completed on 15th November 2008 with KB8RQ thanks to JT65 digital mode . The station set-up was quite modest and included a TS2000 with 100W, a 9 elements yagi ( WIMO ) and a DB6NT 144 Mhz preamplifier.

The 9 elements allowed a gain of 12.4dBd ( 14.55 dBi ) and was enough to make QSO with the big guns . The attempt to couple two antennas (  fig. 1 ) was not very successfull as , due to space constraints,  it  was not possible to have optimum spacing .

The expectation was to gain 2.5-2.9 dB, but reality was about 1.5 dB with more ground noise ! 

The explanation is that two yagis must be spaced enough to avoid to cross the two effective aperture ( Ae ) and in the case of a Yagi with 12.4 dBd this spacing is roughly 3 meters .

The effect of narrower  spacing was the increase of the side lobes and, consequently, the capture more ground noise.

This was also confirmed with EZNEC ( http://www.eznec.com ) ( fig. 2 ).  A VNA ( DG8SAQ )  analysis showed some shift of the main frequency and a second resonant frequency ( see  fig. 3 )



The two 9 elements Yagi coupled with too narrow spacing .                                                   

                                                  Figure 1                                                                                                                                                                                  


EZNEC analysis of the two 9 elements Yagi showing side lobes around 45 deg.                                                 

                                                 Figure 2


DG8SAQ VNA analysis  showing a second resonant frequency and some shift of the main  frequency .                                                                    

                                                                         Figure 3


1290 Mhz activity

Activity on 1290 Mhz started with installation of 5 meter dish with a special elvation mechanism that allows to "hide" the

dish when not in operation to minimize the visual impact and to eliminate all problems connected to bad wether.

Here is a short movie that shows the system : download movie

More details can be found on the presentations under the "Presentation" section

Here is the station block diagram :  download the station block diagram


 23 cm EME station layout